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Quick Ass Ways To Lose Weight


-feel the weight lifted off your shoulders as you refuse to conform to impossible beauty standards and choose to love and respect your body as is. Ah, just feel the pressure melting right off you! I feel so light and free

-stop texting that piece of shit

-start ignoring people who make you feel…

Lord Huron concert last night with @dikos1030 and @skpham534 #higherground

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Officially hopped on the Birkenstocks bandwagon. #crowdfollower #birkenstocks #nails

I’m 21 and what this means is I reference disasters in my love poems. Hurricane Katrina as a metaphor. Genocide as a backdrop. I’m 21 and what this means is that I never cut my hair because my hands are lonely. What this means is I don’t mind the knots. I’m 21 and what this means is the world terrifies me. What this means is I don’t understand health insurance and sometimes I forget to feed myself. I’m 21 and what this means is I’m still young enough to die young. What this means is I leave chipped nail polish on my toes all the way from fall to spring. What this means is I believe in anything ethereal like friendship and love and Harry Potter. What this means is when the boy I’m kissing is nice to his mother I think I may love him. I’m 21 and what this means is I sleep in my best friend’s bed when I’m sad. What this means is we make each other coffee on long days. What this means is there are a lot of long days. I’m 21 and what this means is everything is beautiful and everything is tragic and sometimes I can’t tell one from the other. What this means is sometimes I laugh while I cry. What this means is I’m trying. Fortesa Latifi - what this means is i’m trying (via madgirlf)

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Posing with a flower @h3sprague lovingly bestowed upon me. #tryingtoohard
Lake Champlain killin it as per usual. #nofilter #btv
Throwback to one of my last few days in Canterbury, enjoying some tea and scones with the lovely @ckferguson92 at one of my favorite places in the whole city, the cafe right outside the Cathedral. Miss this place and everyone I met so much.


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Vase of Flowers and Conch Shell (detail), Anne Vallayer-Coster.